Mr. R. Kamalakannan MLIS,M.Phil.,M.B.A


279.4 sq.m  


  • More than 10342 volumes of books

11 journals

21 Magazines

A library is the heart of an academic institution. Our institution encourages all students and staff members to make the best use of the library that has been carefully built up since the inception of the college. The library is housed in a spacious area of 279.4 sq.m Reference Section, Magazine Section and Stack Area. Presently there are more than 10342 books and reference volumes stacked for the benefit of staff and students. There is an established media resource centre. Our library follows the open access system and is encouraging students to browse in the Constant addition of titles and volumes in all the fields of Engineering, Management, Basic Science and Humanities is the regular feature of our library. Every effort has been made to obtain all titles recommended by the faculty.

Newspapers, weekly and fortnightly magazines of repute are subscribed to enable the students to keep abreast of day-to-day trends. The library comprises of an Audio-Visual section equipped with videocassettes and CDs. We are having accession number.

Many interesting Magazine and Journals are available in an Library

1.India Today (English)
2.India Today (Tamil)
3.Sports Star
4.Employment News
5.Employment Service
6.Free Ads
7.Womans era
8.Vallar Thozhil
9.Computer Ullagam
10.Competition Success Review
11.Electronics for You
12.PC Quest
13.Readers Digest
14.Mangaiyar malar
16.Nanaya Vikadan
17.Pasumai Vikadan
18.Motor Vikadan
19.Tamil Computer
21.Intelligent Computing Chip


1.Information Technology
2.Computer Engineering
3.Electrical & Electronics Engineering
4.Mechanical Engineering
5.English Studies
6.English Language Teaching
7.Structural Engineeing
8.Enterpreneurship Development
9.Knowlwdge Management
10.Soft Skills

Details of Department Wise Books

Course Title Volumes
H & S 1722 2869
MECH 681 941
EEE 740 876
ECE 742 823
CE/IT 947 1464
General 968 1567
Complimentary Copy - 1802
Total Number of Volumes of Books : 10342


In addition to all general services , the central library provide value added services including, Book Bank, Book Reservation, Audio


Total Number of Books in the Library

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8.30 am to 4.00p.m.



Saturday & Sunday