Diploma in Computer Engineering and Internet of Things


Diploma in Computer Engineering and Internet of Things is a 3 year diploma programme which emphasizes comprehensive knowledge of computer science, sensors, internet applications, computer networks etc. Internet of Things (IoT) is an interdisciplinary program that comes under the department of computer engineering. Recently, various applications have enormously increased in the past few years since it has a vast scope of usage. IoT generally refers to a growing network of internet-connected devices that find various applications in engineering and sciences. When objects are interconnected across the world, it allows people or things using those objects to be connected anytime.


Builds solid theoretical and strong practical skills in the fields of sensors, communication networks and computer science that provide sample experience on various applications in IoT through industry-oriented curriculum.
Learn through real-time industry projects and internships sponsored by IoT industry.
Provides expertise in ARM-based system-on-chip design and embedded system, sensors, edge and cloud computing, Digital Signal/image processing etc.
Regular live sessions by Experts and Industry people and have a chance to work on PLC and SCADA platforms


To be uniquely renowned to position the department and to establish synergistic relationships across the entire spectrum of disciplines involved with computing to Internet of Things in Computer engineering and devoting themselves to take the maximal advantage of modern Intelligent Technologies.


To pursue our vision by striving for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in the Internet of Things.
To provide service through professional societies to the community, the state, and the nation.


Diploma holder, within three years of diploma, should demonstrate peer-recognized expertise together with the ability to articulate that expertise and use it for contemporary problem-solving in the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of IoT systems.
Diploma holder, within three years of graduation, should demonstrate sustained learning and adapt to a constantly changing field through graduate work, professional development, and self-study.