Mechanical Engineering

Faculty 22 staffs
  4 lab assistant
  3 Technician
  1 Superintendent
List of Lab ( Workshop, Thermal Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, R & AC Lab, Automobile Lab)

About the department

The department of mechanical engineering joined the fleet of Sri Sairam polytechnic college during the academic year 1996-97, the department of mechanical engineering since its establishment has been in constant pursuit of excellence and consistency and stood first among the departments. Our Endeavour has been to produce the best mechanical teachers to serve the field of mechanical engineering. We strive to produce world class professionals who can compete with the industries best mind.

The department is equipped with well qualified and experienced staffs and supporting staffs. We have many labs like (1) Computer ised labs (2) workshop (3) special M/c's lab (4) Thermal engineering lab (5) Fluid Mechanics lab (6) Strength of materials lab (7) refrigeration & Air conditioning lab (8) Automobiles lab which provides the required practical knowledge to the students. Our intake per year is 180 students


In the department on an average every year 100% of the students get campus placement in leading companies like MRF LTD, Brakes India, Taj caterers, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ford India LTD, L&T etc.

List of faculty

S.No Name of the staff Designation Qualification
1 Mr.K.Kanagaraj Principal M.E., MISTE
2 Mr. V.R. Ravichandran HOD/Mech/Civil M.E.,MISTE
3 Mr. P. Rajasekaran Sr.Lecturer /Placement officer M.Tech.,MISTE
4. Mr. G. Mohan raj Sr.Lecturer M.E/M.I.S.T.E
5 Mr. R.M. Sathish Kumar rao Lecturer M.E/M.I.S.T.E
6 Mr. I. Murry Charles Lecturer B.E.
7 Mr. R. Dhandapani Lecturer B.E.
8 Mr. R. Ramkumar Lecturer B.E.
9. Mr. C. Prince Christopher Lecturer B.E.
10. Mr. Rathna Kumar Lecturer B.E.
11. Mr. K. Balaji Lecturer B.E
12. Mr. G.P. Venkatesan Lecturer B.E
13. Mr. S. Vignesh Lecturer B.E.,( M.E )
14. Mr. C. Balachander Lecturer B.E
15. Mr. C. Raghupathy Lecturer B.E.,( M.E )
16. Mr. M. Janakiraman Lecturer B.E
17. Mr. B. Ragavendran Lecturer B.E
18. Mr. R. Mohan Lecturer B.E
19. Mr. M. MuthuMaharaaju Lecturer M.E
20. Mr. E. Janarthan Lecturer M.E
21. Mr. M. Ramar Lecturer M.Tech
22. Mr. Stalin Lecturer B.E.

Supporting Staff:

S.No Name of the staff Designation Qualification
1. Mr. K. Rajagopalan Workshop superintendent DME
2. Mr. D. Mukilan Lab Assistant DEEE
3. Mr. K. Santhosam Lab Technician I.T.I
4. Mr.R.Parahalan Lab Assistant DME
5. Mr. V. Kumar Lab Tech DME
6. Mr. B. Prakash Lab/Tech DME
7. Mr. K. Gopinath Lab/Asst ITI
8. Mr. P. Murugavel Lab/Asst ITI

List of Labs


CAD Lab : The lab has the capacity of 60 students/session with high configured systems with very high compatibility


Fluid Mechanics Lab : The lab has the capacity to accommodate 45 students/session.It has Major equipments like turbines,Pumps,Hydraulic Trainer kit,orificimeter,Pneumatic Trainer kit etc…


Strength of materials lab : The lab has the capacity to accommodate 45 students/session.It has major equipments like UTM M/C,Spring testing M/C,Tension testing M/C,impact testing etc…


Termal Engineering Lab : It has the capacity to accommodate 45 students/session.It has major equipments like four stroke diesel engine,petrol engine etc…